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Ultrasonic Testing is a widely used form of non destructive testing. A transducer applies ultrasonic pulse waves in the material and the time is measured from the initiation time to the return of the reflection to the transducer. This time and the known velocity of the material allows the calculation of the distance. The sound reflection can come from a flaw, the opposing face of the material or any other change in the acoustic properties. Ultrasonic testing is preformed using frequencies ranging from 0.5Mhz to 10Mhz all above the level of sound that can be detected by the human ear hence the term ultrasonic.

This property of the ultrasound is used to identify the material wall thickness and any internal discontinuities in material.

Ultrasonic testing is a very sensitive test method for internal discontinuities. Ultrasonic testing is safer, faster and more economical compared to radiographic examination. 


The common applications of ultrasonic testing are wall thickness measurement (UTT), corrosion mapping, lamination testing (ULT) , flaw (discontinuities) detection in the material e.g. welds, castings, forgings and other wrought products (UFD). Vertest has preformed the following ultrasonic inspections:

Ultrasonic Weld Scans   

  • Plate joints all configurations
  • All configurations of piping joints

Ultrasonic Shaft Inspections       

  • Inspection of fan shafts
  • Inspection of pump Shafts
  • Inspection of bolts
  • Inspection of bearing Shafts
  • Inspections of studs

Ultrasonic Casting Inspections   

  • Inspection of large crank style castings for in service faults
  • Inspection on cast manifolds for in service faults
  • Pre-service inspection compliance

Ultrasonic Bond Inspections       

  • Bearing shells
  • Hard Facing

Ultrasonic Thickness Inspections

  • Tank walls
  • Tank floors
  • Pressure piping
  • Plate inspections
  • High temperature pipe up  280 degrees
  • Thickness inspection of hard faced surfaces
  • Conveyor Belt Thickness Inspections

Ultrasonic testing is commonly used test method in aerospace industry, shipping and offshore industry, fabrication industry and other general industry.

Vertest can perform ultrasonic testing in accordance with AS 2207, AS 2083,  AS 2574, AS 1065, AS 2452.3, AS 2824, AS 1101.3, AS 1929, ASME V Article 4, ASME V Article 5, ASME V Article 23,  ASTM E164, ASTM E114, ASTM A609, ASTM A388, ASTM A745, AS 1554 series, AS 3978, AS 3992, AS 2885.2,  AS 1665, AS 1710, ASTM 2375, EN 1714, EN 12680-3, BS EN 10160, ISO 10543, ISO 11496, ISO 4386.1, CECT, API and other similar national and international standards.

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